Hackney Jamah Times


IMPORTANT: Please ENSURE you refer to the table further below for important COVID-19 guidelines for each mosque.

Madina Masjid
2a Leabridge Rd
Masjid Quba
70 Cazenove Rd
Masjid Usman
152 Olinda Rd
Masjid Tarbeeyyah
49 Leswin Rd
Musalla an Noor
101 StokeNewington High St
Aziziye Masjid
117 Stoke Newington Road
Hackney Central Mosque
237 Well St
Sandringham Rd
1 Sandringham Rd
Shacklewell Lane
9 Shacklewell Lane
Valide Sultan Masjid
1a Clissold Road
Hoxton Islah
71 Pitfield St.
Suleymaniye Masjid
212 Kingsland Rd
Masjid Imam AnNawawi
96 B Lower Clapton Rd

PLEASE NOTE: If you see an incorrect Jamah time please immediately email info@hackneymd.co.uk so the time can be corrected. Please regulary visit your local Masjid to keep up to date with any jamah time changes at short notice.

Aziziye Masjid OPEN n/a CLICK
Hackney Central Mosque OPEN 25 CLICK
Hoxton Islah OPEN n/a CLICK
Madina Masjid OPEN n/a CLICK
Masjid Quba OPEN n/a CLICK
Masjid Tarbeeyyah OPEN n/a CLICK
Masjid Usman OPEN 25 CLICK
Musalla an Noor OPEN 23 CLICK
Sandringham Rd OPEN n/a CLICK
Shacklewell Lane OPEN n/a TBC
Suleymaniye Masjid OPEN TBC CLICK
Valide Sultan Masjid OPEN n/a TBC

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